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Luxury Goods

Serenity Return is currently in non-binding negotiations with owners of several well known Swiss brands in the luxury / Jeweler / Watches industry. We are happy to present these investment opportunities to interested potential investors


Serenity Return is screening the market on the search for opportunities of owners, entrepreneurs seeking successors for their businesses. Currently we are working mainly through brokers and through a network of bankers, lawyers and advisors built over the past 3-5 years. We believe that with the launch of SRC and the publication of we will start receiving direct solicitations from potential sellers.

Special Situations

We can offer access at very low investment prices to individual participations or to the acquisition of the entirety of one of the most promising Venture / Growth Capital Portfolio of Switzerland

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Technology

  • Drones

  • Travel Booking / Tech

  • Pharma / Medical

  • Fintech - Crypto Trading

  • Trade Finance

  • Factoring

  • Security / Anti counterfeit

Distressed assets

Serenity Return is finalizing due diligence and binding negotiations with an Italian distressed producer of special metallurgical alloys and products for mainly electrical contact applications.